How long should jeans be?

What affects the correct length of jeans trousers?

Perhaps some of you have faced such a problem: what seemed perfect in the store doesn’t look as good when you come home, and you realize that the purchase was not as successful as you may have hoped.

In order not to spend extra money and not clutter your wardrobe with useless clothing items, you should know some basic rules on how to choose the perfect jeans. For people of tall and medium height, we recommend:

  • Skinny jeans with flat shoes.
  • Low fit pants visually reduce long legs (the same rule applies to jeans with cuffs or jeans with a shortened leg length).
  • Choose a darker color in contrast to a lighter top.
  • Bell bottom jeans.
  • Jeans with wide cuffs and large shoes.

Note! The perfect jeans should sit a little loose. If the fabric can stretch 3/4 of an inch in the hip area, it means that the jeans fit perfectly.

People who are not very tall should wear:

  • Straight jeans, slightly narrowed down towards the heel, as well as boyfriend jeans (for slender girls).
  • High-waisted trousers.
  • Clothes of dark colors, but not black. For example, brown, gray, and so on.
  • Jeans with a small cuff.

Future clothing purchases may be influenced by current style trends.

Fashion trends among young people

Every year, fashion designers offer new styles for men and women. The combination of soft, low-key colors with narrow and wide jeans will be popular this upcoming season. The following trends are currently in fashion:

  • slim trousers for both genders.
  • women’s flared jeans and tubes.
  • the presence of scuffs and jewelry on the product (embroidery, ornaments, patches).
  • high and low fits
  • slightly rolled up jeans or cuffs

The combination of a denim top and trousers has come back into fashion. It is not considered to be poor taste to wear jeans together with a shirt or jacket of the same material.

Women’s jeans length

Classic cut.

Classic cut jeans are always in demand due to their versatility. It suits everyone regardless of their height and shape. This fact is known to both designers and manufacturers. The classic cut is characterized by straight lines and can be narrowed down towards the bottom of the leg. Such products should cover at least half of the heel.


The length of bell-bottomed pants should be chosen according to the shoes. If a woman prefers high heels, then the jeans should cover the sole completely. If you combine flared trousers with flat shoes, then the pant-leg should reach the floor.

Skinny jeans.

Despite the features of the female body, skinny jeans should reach to the ankle or completely cover the heel.

Men’s jeans. What should be the length?

Men, like women, should also choose the correct length of jeans. Excessively long jeans can create a sloppy appearance. Onlookers could get the impression that the guy bought the last pair of jeans on sale without even trying them on.

Jeans that are too short can give off the appearance of a boy in shorts, that looks like the kid from down the street. The length of men’s jeans is dependent on the intended style.

Classic Jeans Length

There are several main features of classic jeans. For classic jeans to have the ideal length:

  • there should be one fold on the front of the boots (maximum 1 inch in height)
  • the boots should be covered in the back, and the edge of the pant leg must not touch the floor.
  • the distance from the bottom of the jeans to the sole or heel should be about 2 cm.

Important! When you choose classic fit jeans, it is also necessary to take into account the width and fit. The jeans should be easy to put on and should not restrict movement.

Skinny jeans length

Skinny denim trousers are often seen on trendy people. Skinny jeans emphasize the outline of the male figure but don’t tighten it. To make the right choice on skinny jeans, consider the following rules:

  • if the jeans are matched with sneakers or more formal shoes, they should end where the shoes begin, or slightly below the ankle
  • don’t pull the jeans over the shoes, they must sit on the leg
  • it is preferable to wear skinny jeans with small folds or creases in the leg
  • skinny jeans should not be worn with high or large boots.

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of skinny jeans, always try on the jeans with the shoes or boots that you are going to wear them with.

Rolling up the jeans

Both guys and girls like rolling up their jeans. This way of wearing jeans is considered to be not only fashionable but also practical. Women’s jeans that bought specifically to be worn with high heels look ugly if you wear them with flat shoes. A small cuff can completely change the look of your jeans and can perfectly emphasize your figure and hide its flaws.

The same goes for men. Guys make roll up their jeans to appear taller or shorter.

How to roll up your jeans?

There are several ways to roll up your denim trousers. They can be rolled up one, two, three, or four times:

  • For classic jeans, a cuff of 1 to 1 1/2 inches is appropriate. Wide cuffs are usually seen on men’s jeans.
  • Double rolling up should be no more than 3/4 inch high.
  • For a three-layer rolling up, the jeans are first bent 2 inches. Then the resulting cuffs that are 1 inch in length should be rolled up two more times.
  • The average height of the bend is obtained if the trouser leg is rolled up 1 1/2 inches four times.
  • A small cuff is made when the trouser leg is rolled up by 1/4 inch three or four times.

Attention! It is not advisable to experiment with lapels in the cold season. Hypothermia in the lower part of the legs can cause colds or joint diseases in the future.

What shoes should be worn with rolled-up jeans?

So that shoes look good with a bend, you need to learn the rule that high bends look good with large shoes. Small cuffs are appropriate with light shoes, such as sneakers, running shoes, and summer shoes.

If the bend on the trousers is medium-sized (no more than 1 1/2 inches), it will suit any type of shoes.

Typical mistakes when choosing jeans

When you buy new jeans, you should pay attention not only to their length but also to their material. If the label indicates the percentage of fibers such as elastane or lycra, then you can be sure that jeans will be a little stretchy and will fit your figure perfectly. In this case, the product should be purchased close to the body. The advice applies only to women.

Regardless of gender, you should consider your body shape. Larger people should not buy tight-fitting jeans as they are not as flattering as other styles.

Conclusion. Conclusions from the article

Almost everyone has jeans in their wardrobe. The proper style allows you to feel comfortable and confident. So you should choose your jeans carefully, taking into account the recommendations above.

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