Mom and Boyfriend Jeans: Being Comfortable and Gorgeous at the Same Time

Mom and Boyfriend jeans have reached peak popularity. The main difference between Mom and Boyfriend jeans is that Boyfriend jeans have a lower rise, longer-cut legs, a straighter hip line, and a wider groin area; they look like they were taken straight from your boyfriend’s wardrobe! Mom Jeans have become an icon of feminine liberation. They hide your problematic zones and make you feel cozy and relaxed all day by being baggy and don’t feel uncomfortable. Their waistline is extremely high and they have shorter pant legs, making you look like an ideal heroine from old movies. Not to mention, we all know Mom jeans’ most popular color is light, washed blue. Let’s find out more about both of these types of jeans to get ahead of the style curve.

How to create gorgeous outfits with Mom and Boyfriend jeans

If you are going for a feminine summer, sport, or retro look, Mom jeans are the best option. The choice of the exact Mom jeans model should strongly depend on body parameters. If they are not that ideal, the perfect Mom jeans will be those with straight legs and bigger size. The winning combination here is Mom jeans and high heels.

Джинсы бойфренды

Boyfriend jeans create a relaxed and careless and look great with any kind of clothes or shoes. It’s also important to choose Boyfriend jeans depending on your body type, for example, if your hips are bigger, you should pick skinny jeans.

Boyfriend jeans are made for boyfriends but are used by females

Boyfriend jeans are usually lacking any additional decor besides holes and wear on the thighs and knees. By being more tight-fitting than Mom jeans, Boyfriend jeans are still very relaxed and over-sized. The main thing about Boyfriend jeans is that they are defined with a low-rise both in the groin area and waist. Boyfriend jeans help to create that kind of feminine, eye-catching look with a masculine undertone. They can be the star of any wardrobe because of their absolutely universal and flattering look.

The Tailoring Difference

Boyfriend jeans are tailored in a masculine way to be relaxed and flatter any body type – perfect for any modern woman. Mom Jeans are very much alike with the main difference being the extremely high waistline and are perfect for those with an hourglass body type. In other cases, Mom jeans will give extra volume to those who have a more triangular body type.

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