How to Care for Your Faux Leather Handbag: Useful Advice and Practical Tips

Finding scratches and damaged spots on your favorite faux handbag can be rather frustrating. Especially, if you just purchased it. Here are some practical tips and ideas on how to keep an artificial leather handbag looking brand new.

Ways of cleaning the faux leather

While cleaning your artificial leather bag avoid using:

  • acids
  • solvents
  • alcohol
  • acetone
  • substances that contain chlorine

Unfortunately, ordinary washing will not solve the problem of stains, since water damage is the reason why the faux leather is falling apart in the first place. Even a delicate cold-rinse washing machine cycle is unsafe.

Important! Never allow your faux leather bag to get completely wet. This can ruin your bag and make it impossible to restore the material.

For the handbags made of dark faux leather try to use:

  • a mild soapy solution
  • special erasers for leather products (suitable only for small spots and scratches)
  • a blend of ammonia and baking soda

Remember, that dark artificial leather requires very gentle cleaning. Otherwise, the paint will fade, and you will be left with nothing but ugly pale smudges. Just scrub the bag with a soft sponge moistened with the foamy soap solution and then dry it immediately.

Warning! Make sure that your soap doesn’t contain any pigments that could alter the color of the leather.

If the affected area is too large, you will have to undo lining of your handbag, then wash it separately, and sew it back in place. This may sound quite difficult, but it definitely worth it. Your handbag will look as if you just bought it from the boutique.

Important! Don’t leave any faux leather products near a radiator or a heater. Excessive heat will lead to the formation of new cracks, and the leather will eventually be covered in yellow spots.

How to clean a white faux leather bag

For light-colored products, it is better to use substances such as:

  • lemon juice (it deals with grass stains and oils)
  • nail polish remover (it is great for ink spots)
  • hydrogen peroxide (it is suitable for blood stains)
  • a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda
  • table vinegar (it fights foundation, eyeshadow, or lipstick traces)
  • turpentine (it is great for old greasy spots)

Note that the chemicals should only be applied to stains, but never to the entire surface.

Clean the dirty area with a warm soap solution, then wipe away any remaining soap with a wet towel. Use a sponge or a cotton pad with a suitable chemical substance to deal with stains. Finally, wipe the leather with a clean piece of cloth and let the surface dry.

Important! These tips are also suitable for other faux leather products like furniture or clothes.

Your faux leather handbag can look great for a long time, just take proper care of it. Also, don’t forget to read the instructions on the label before attempting to clean the bag. There may be some extra steps that are required to protect the dyes, thread, and lining.

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