How to Repair the Faux Leather on a Sofa or Jacket

Faux leather items are durable, but any product will eventually become unusable due to cracks or small scratches. These cracks or small scratches can spoil the appearance of the product, reduce its durability, and lead to the creation of a large hole in the product. Let’s take a closer look at the options of how to repair faux leather items.

Cracking of a faux leather jacket

To deal with this problem, you will need to:

  • Assess the degree of damage and the feasibility of repair

If there are small scratches or scuffs, you can restore the product. If the damage is severe, a simple repair job will only be a temporary solution.

  • Use the services of a professional

You should consider contacting a specialist. Working with faux leather is a complicated process as it requires meticulous attention and experience to repair.

What can I do by myself?

  • To repair the item you can use vinyl faux leather. Faux leather is a synthetic piece of fabric coated with polyvinyl chloride and is suitable for fixing a single damaged area. In the case of multiple cracks, you have to replace the entire damaged area.
  • Some products can be also repaired with liquid leather, a specialized product designed to restore the fabric. The faux leather will absorb it providing a tight seal.
  • In the case of a single damaged spot, you can also try to apply a patch that you can find at your local fabric store.

Attention! To repair the item you need to follow the corresponding application technique to the tool you choose.

Cracking of a faux leather sofa

Faux leather sofa cushions often crack. There are several ways to fix this problem:

  • Repair kits and adhesive materials

This method is suitable for small scratches. You can find kits to repair the faux leather such as liquid leather and tools that ease its application. Make sure to read the instructions before using these products.

  • Disguising

You can disguise cracked areas with liquid polymer. This allows you to hide the flaws in the material. You will need a piece of gauze and a spatula to apply the product. The liquid polymer dries out within 15 minutes. After drying the damage becomes almost invisible.

  • Partial replacement

This method is effective in extreme cases when scratches are not minor. You might need the help of an experienced specialist. In the case of multiple severe damages, you might have to replace the entire sofa cushion.

You can repair leather jackets in specialized clothing stores. To repair a sofa you will need to contact a company engaged in the furniture restoration.

Taking care of your faux leather items will ensure they will last a long time.

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