How to clean eco-leather?

There are few specialized products designed for cleaning eco-leather. The demand for such specialized cleaners is low since most stains can be removed with affordable products that you probably already have at home. Useful products to remove stains with:

  1. regular household sponge
  2. household soap
  3. an alcohol solution from 20 to 50% or regular vodka
  4. alcohol-based wet wipes
  5. lemon juice
  6. a weak solution of ammonia (approximately 5%)
  7. hydrogen peroxide
  8. dish detergent

Most specialized products for cleaning eco-leather are used by dry cleaners or by car washes, but they can also be used at home. Among them are:

  1. artificial leather cleaning
  2. foams
  3. sprays
  4. universal cleaning agents

In a store with household chemicals, it is better to immediately contact a sales consultant.

Warning! Cleaning solutions that could potentially damage eco-leather:

  1. cleaning solutions with chlorine
  2. acidic cleaning agents
  3. solvents
  4. powders
  5. brushes
  6. any substances of physical and chemical influence that could damage the thin layer of polyurethane on the surface of the eco-leather.

How to clean a sofa made of eco-leather?

Чистка дивана из экокожи

Eco-leather sofa cleaning

Eco-leather has a moisture-repellent coating that makes it resistant to the accumulation of dirt on its surface. Any stain should be wiped immediately with a damp cloth. On dark furniture, traces are seldom left. The upholstery of lighter colors may leave a pale trace and will require a little more effort.

Problems appear when the stain has already been absorbed. It is especially difficult to remove spots from ballpoint pens. In this case, you must choose a method that will not damage the polyurethane layer on the surface of the upholstery but will be able to clean it deeply.

How to clean dirt off of eco-leather?

The surface of eco-leather can be cleaned by only slightly pressing it, not stretching.

The quality of eco-leather depends on the quality of the material itself and the thickness of the polyurethane layer. The same cleaning product may be harmless to the upholstery of one sofa, can permanently damage the upholstery of another. Therefore it is better to first use a sponge or a wet rag on the affected area of the furniture.

To clean the stain using household soap, lemon juice, a solution of ethyl ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, or dishwashing detergent, you need to clean the area with a soft cloth or sponge, or a cotton swab. It is imperative to use clean water, a clean water rag, and keep a dry rag nearby. Eco-leather should not be in contact with water for a long time. The same goes for other cleaning solutions. Penetrating the material, the liquid changes its structure and can leave a more difficult to remove stain.
When using special substances for dry cleaning, you must carefully and completely read the instructions for use and act strictly according to the instructions! Any deviation from the instructions can have irreversible consequences for the surface of the eco-leather.

How to clean the eco-leather on a white sofa?

When you buy a sofa with white eco-leather upholstery, you should be aware that it is more difficult to keep the leather in perfect condition. Even small streaks will be clearly visible on the white upholstery, especially if exposed to natural sunlight. Additionally, the removal of any harmless spot can turn into streaks and the appearance of a larger spot.

Especially for demanding owners of white eco-leather sofas, it is better to have a special cleaning agent on hand. The most popular is the brand “Vinet”. You can use any other brand, although there are not many of them. However, if you ask a sales consultant in a household store, they will surely find the right cleaning supplies for your purpose.

In any case, it is better to use chemicals to remove the stain.
How to clean eco-leather car seat covers?

Eco-leather car seat covers car are regularly exposed to dust, dirt, sunlight, temperature changes. Special means for cleaning eco-leather are mainly used in dry cleaning of car salons. The choice of products is not as large as that of other groups of household chemicals, but they do exist.

Regular wet cleaning of the interior will save you from the excessive rubbing of covers.

Wet wipes for the car – an indispensable assistant to the driver.

Stains that are not handled by wet wipes are most likely to be wiped off with a melamine sponge and soap solution. To avoid stains, it is important not to allow the cover to get wet for a long time, the surface must be quickly freed from soap with a clean, wet cloth and wiped dry.

Car cosmetics make the use of covers more comfortable and durable. Car shops offer special care products, water-repellent impregnations.

What to pay attention to, in order to not ruin the covers during the cleaning process:

Choose the most gentle means to clean the seats: a regular sponge, a household soap solution, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide. You can purchase a special tool to clean the interior.

The main thing to consider when cleaning eco-leather covers is to quickly and thoroughly wipe off the moisture, while not stretching them. At the end of the cleaning procedure, the covers must be dried at room temperature, without additional heat exposure (hairdryer, heater, heating, etc.)

If self-cleaning of the interior did not give a satisfactory result, you can drive the car to a professional dry cleaning service. A large arsenal of cleaning supplies, tools, and the experience of specialists will almost always be effective at cleaning your eco-leather.

Attention! The use of aggressive products for cleaning such as hairspray, toothpaste, perfume, or nail polish remover, is dangerous and can damage the eco-leather. These tools should only be used as a last resort and may damage the covers. Taking into account the risk, as well as the mobility of transport, dry cleaning services might be a better choice..

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